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Author & Lyricist

Helen Prochazka has taught mathematics in Australian high schools and colleges for many years. Her enduring love for mathematics goes back to her childhood. She is a former president of the Mathematical Association of Tasmania and a regular contributor to the Australian Mathematics Teacher journal. She is the author of the Super Mathematics series of high school textbooks, one of which was used as the text for an Open Learning course for adults. Her teaching career has been combined with other ventures such as publishing, and music and film production. Her passions include Bhutan, felines, Mona, retro music and life. Helen has a particular interest in helping adults who find mathematics challenging.

Editor & Lyricist

Maurice Murphy is a television and film director, writer and former Head of Entertainment at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He is best known for his iconic television comedy series, The Aunty Jack Show and The Norman Gunston Show. Films he has created include an adaptation of the comic strip, Fatty Finn and his family story, 15 Amore. His work is characterised by diversity and he continues to challenge himself with new adventures. He has recently written and directed  a feature-length documentary. Maurice has always enjoyed having fun with technology and pushing it to the limits, believing that constraints inspire innovation. Science, mathematics, popular music and history have been lifelong interests.


Craig M Wood is a Tasmanian performer, composer and musical director, and has worked with most major Tasmanian theatre organisations. He has travelled Australia, mentoring teenagers on writing their own operas. His own brand of composition lands in uncharted territory, taking many different styles and forms and sifting them through his own dramatic or humorous aesthetic. Craig creates powerful, emotionally-charged songs and theatrical works which have been performed nationally. He is also a professional music typesetter and the artistic director of The Compartment Arts.

Nic Courto is a jack of all musical trades. He studied contemporary voice at the UTAS Conservatorium and has played classical and contemporary piano since his parents decided the key bashing he loved so much needed a little extra sophistication. He also plays clarinet, sax and guitar, sings in amateur musical theatre and opera, and is a member of the Australian Army Reserve band. When he’s not making music, Nic enjoys reading and creative writing, or you might find him on the green of one of Hobart’s lawn bowling clubs. He teaches piano and voice at The Compartment Arts.

Graphic Designer

Clare Bradley is a freelance graphic designer based in Hobart, Australia. In her business, Charlie Bravo Design, she works collaboratively with local entrepreneurs to develop and grow ideas which stand out in the market place as individual and representative of the brand’s ethos. She enjoys the challenge of any new project and was very excited when asked to part of the journey in the creation of The Mathematics Book. Clare’s love of pattern inspired her to repeat a selection of mathematical symbols in an arrangement which, when juxtaposed against large numbers in striking black, white and orange, gives the book cover and the CD album an instant boldness on the shelf.

The Mathematics Book is a definitive work, impressive in scope, compass and content.

Adrian Jacobson