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The Album

More Than Numbers is an album of 14 songs, based on the poetry fromThe Mathematics Book. It is a collaboration between  The Compartment Arts and Zenolith. The music is composed and performed by Nic Courto and Craig M Wood. The lyrics are written by Maurice Murphy and Helen Prochazka with additional lyrics by Adrian Jacobson. The song styles range from jazz to semi-operatic to pop. Song 10 was a contender for Australia’s Eurovision entry this year and the album was played live in the 2016 Festival of Voices. The aims and philosophy for the song cycle are detailed in a Bridges Seoul conference paper that you can read here

Video clips of some of the songs can be viewed on YouTube.

The Songs

01 Whole numbers
02 Fractions
03 Decimals
04 Geometry
05 Negative numbers
06 Algebra
07 Powers & Roots
08 Measurement
09 Percentages & Ratios
10 Areas & Volumes
11 Equations
12 Pythagoras & Trigonometry
13 Graphs & Relationships
14 Chance & Data

The song lyrics can be found here.


The special edition CD can be purchased at music stores and bookshops including Fullers Bookshop (Hobart), Petrarch’s Bookshop (Launceston), and Readings (Melbourne). Please contact us if you need further information.

The CD can be bought online at The Book Cellar (Campbell Town).
The album will be released on iTunes on November 4.

Publisher:  Zenolith
Producer:  The Compartment Arts  
Format:  Hardback custom pack
Distributor:  MGM Distribution  
Copyright:  2016 Zenolith
EAN:  09696230027
RRP:  $29.95

It looks and sounds interesting, curious, helpful and crazy!

Mark Bolton