The Book

The Mathematics Book is unique. It’s aim is simple – to show that anyone can do it! It is a beautiful how-to-do-it book blended with a lavishly illustrated coffee table volume, especially created for adults and teenagers who have not found mathematics easy or appealing. It will guide the reader through fundamental numeracy areas such as fractions, percentages, algebra, geometry, metric units, and statistics. A large number of practice problems are included to help the reader master skills and develop confidence. However, mathematics is so much more than just skill development. This book will also give the reader a global perspective of mathematics – the ideas, people, romance, history, infrastructure, and pivotal role it plays in modern society. Poetry, quotes, and hundreds of illustrations, enhance and clarify the key ideas.

The Mathematics Book answers three big questions.
What is mathematics?
What is the point of learning it?
What do I need to do to learn mathematics?


Pages: 376
Size: 216 x 279mm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-9925330-0-7
CiP: National Library of Australia
The mathematics book / Helen Prochazka; Maurice Murphy, consultant editor
Publisher: Zenolith
Genre: General non-fiction. Continuing education. Mathematics.
RRP: $69.95


1. WHOLE NUMBERS and the meaning of mathematics
2. FRACTIONS and the need for numeracy
3. DECIMALS and a major advance
4. GEOMETRY and a new approach
5. NEGATIVE NUMBERS and problem solving
6. ALGEBRA and a universal language
7. POWERS & ROOTS and a touch of mystery
8. MEASUREMENT and a digital code
9. PERCENTAGES & RATIOS and beautiful proportions
10. AREAS & VOLUMES and a continuing quest
11. EQUATIONS and having fun
12. PYTHAGORAS & TRIGONOMETRY and the power of proof
13. GRAPHS & RELATIONSHIPS and modelling our world
14. CHANCE & DATA and mathematical truth


= Shows that mathematics can be beautiful, light-hearted, and fascinating.
= Substantial, accurate, well-researched, and mathematically solid content.
= Design and graphics that enhance the communication of mathematics.
= 120 full colour photographs and 400 diagrams.
= 7 cartoons by American cartoonist, Randy Glasbergen.
= 14 poems that give an introduction to each of the chapters.
= 120 quotes providing humorous, insightful, or alternative views.
= 2200 graded practise questions to assist in skill development.
= Clear explanations supported by well set out worked examples.
= A practical mathematics course in line with adult numeracy standards.
= User-friendly format.
= An encouraging ‘anyone can do it’ tone.

‘Get your geek on with this fantastic guide to the
most beautiful language of them all … mathematics.

Adam Spencer


Maurice Murphy is a television and film director, writer and former Head of Entertainment at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He is best known for his iconic television comedy series, The Aunty Jack Show and The Norman Gunston Show. Films he has created include an adaptation of the comic strip, Fatty Finn and his family story, 15 Amore. His work is characterised by diversity and he continues to challenge himself with new adventures. He has recently written and directed  a feature-length documentary. Maurice has always enjoyed having fun with technology and pushing it to the limits, believing that constraints inspire innovation. Science, mathematics, popular music and history have been lifelong interests.

Graphic Designer

Clare Bradley is a freelance graphic designer based in Hobart, Australia. In her business, Charlie Bravo Design, she works collaboratively with local entrepreneurs to develop and grow ideas which stand out in the market place as individual and representative of the brand’s ethos. She enjoys the challenge of any new project and was very excited when asked to part of the journey in the creation of The Mathematics Book. Clare’s love of pattern inspired her to repeat a selection of mathematical symbols in an arrangement which, when juxtaposed against large numbers in striking black, white and orange, gives the book cover and the CD album an instant boldness on the shelf.

The Mathematics Book is not like any maths book I’ve ever seen before; it wants you to read it!
With a cover which seems to scream, ‘you wimp, come on, I dare you’.

Vanessa Wallace